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Guzu's Vinyl Figure Trading Party

on Tue, 10/27/2015 - 23:29

Yes, you heard right! We're getting the band back together. We are past due for a blind box & vinyl figure trading party at Guzu Gallery. With all the awesome new blind box releases like Kidrobot's "Ferals" and "The 13" Dunny series, we know what we must do! Now is the time to once again assemble all of Austin's most dedicated vinyl figure collectors in one place, fill them with delicious sugar and candy…and let the trading ensue! What better day than on Halloween?

Guzu Gallery invites all of Austin to the gallery on October 31st from 1 to 4pm. All ages are welcome, of course — as are veteran and novice collectors, alike! Bring your doubles, your extras, your ghosts, your skeletons, your pet bat. If you want to dress up in a creepy Halloween costume, go for it! If you want to bring your customs and show off your awesome skills, do it! Heck, even if you don't have much to trade, come anyway. You'll still get to meet some other cool people as passionate about designer toys as you are! Let's have some fun.

Here are some tips of the trade:

• We'll have plenty of floor space, but no seating. Bring a fold-out chair if you want!

• Got a lightweight, not-too-spacious way to display your figures? Bring it on!

• Don't forget any accessories or stickers that came with your figures.

• If you have older figures to trade, bring them! Many new collectors are looking for older figures - even common ones!

• Be careful to keep your figures separate from everyone else's.

• All trades are between the participants — we won't be mediating.

• Trades are for figures, only. No cash transactions, please.

• If you're not happy with a trade offer…respectfully decline. Trading parties should always be pressure free!